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video drawings

title / duration / year made

still frames or excerpts from the videos can be found below

I Did it All by Myself, 5 mins, 2022, single-channel video. (excerpt)
Unconceivable line, 5 mins, 2022, single-channel video. (excerpt)
The winner of Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2022.
Unconceivable Line (excerpt), 5min, 2022
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Tripoli 1978 / 14'53'' / 2018 (excerpt)
from the MEMORY -series
Tripoli 1978 (excerpt)
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*Watch with headphones – that allows you to choose the language you focus on.
the arctic line (part I) / 1'19'' / 2017
the arctic circle (part II) / 12min / 2017
making the arctic line / circle (part III) / 8min /2017
alaluusua arctic circle part I
alaluusua arctic circle part II
alaluusua arctic cirle part III
grounded line / 5'55'' / 2016
EA grounded line s19
EA grounded line s15
EA grounded line s24
unconditional line / 7min / 2015
Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015 2nd prize winner
unconditional line still50
unconditional line still49
unconditional line still48
unconditional line still46
portrait of dale inglis / 11'32'' / 2014
alaluusua portrait of dale inglis 1
alaluusua portrait of dale inglis 3
alaluusua portrait of dale inglis 2
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