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Elisa Alaluusua is a drawing artist, with a presence primarily in Finnish Lapland and London. Originating from the small village Luusua, she has spent more than twenty years working in London. The contrast between these two distinctly different locations and lifestyles – reindeer herding in the Arctic Circle area and life in a metropolitan city – is reflected in her practice. Her two approaches to drawing, using paper and time-based media, usually video, is informed by the diverse scenery, latitude and tempo of her two homes.

Alaluusua has been exhibiting internationally since the 1990s and curated several international events. She is the first prize winner of the prestigious Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2022 (UK) after receiving the second prize in Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015 (UK). She is a grateful recipient of support from TAIKE.

She has conducted research on Sketchbooks and the outcome of her PhD is a video installation that has taken many forms when exhibited. She welcomes invitations from galleries and institutions to show the adjustable Sketchbooks-installation, as well as her other works.

Please contact elisa.alaluusua[at] for more info or links & passwords for video pieces.

More work and news also on           @artalaluusua

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