24hour drawings

24hour drawings is an on-going series of durational drawing pieces created over 24-hours where I engage in a drawing activity on paper stretched on the walls and floor of a gallery space. This is a series of site-specific drawings where the paper wraps around the architectural details of the place. Each drawing is completed over one continuous 24-hour drawing session where mental and physical boundaries are pushed to the point of exhaustion. These site-specific drawings are both a process and a product with challenging dimensions exploring the physicality of mark making. The mental processes are reflected on series of written observations recorded in a log during the drawing marathon. The continuity of line and movement meet in the repetitive motion during the act of drawing opening up an internal dialogue where experiences over time, past and present, blend to one another bringing up haptic memories.

24h DRAWING IV – 22nd to 23rd Oct 2013
24h DRAWING III – 3rd to 4th Apr 2013
24h Drawing III / night time
EA 24h drawing3 B0570
EA 24h drawing3 C0574
EA 24h drawing3 D0584
EA 24h drawing3 E0604
EA 24h drawing3 Eb0068m
EA 24h drawing3 F0321
EA 24h drawing3 G0500
EA 24h drawing3 H0501
24h DRAWING II – 29th to 30th Nov 2012
24h DRAWING I – 11th to 12th Sept 2012